Very nutritious Misoshiru made with ground soybeans.


"Go" refers ground dehydrated soybeans, and "Gojiru" refers misoshiru made with "go." Gojiru's season is from autumn to winter after soybeans are harvested in autumn. Plenty of vegetables are put in gojiru thus it is a very nutritious soup. It also warms up you body, so this has been a typical winter dish all over Japan for a long time.

Recipi of cuisin

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  • soybeans50g
  • satoimo100g
  • carrots50g
  • pumpkin50g
  • konnyaku50g
  • aburaage50g
  • konegi2~3
  • iriko20g
  • mugimiso60g
  • water900cc
Soak soybeans in water over night, and roughly grind in a mortar
Cut satoimo, carrots and pumpkin into quarter rounds, cut konnyaku into 1cm squares, and cut aburaage into rectangles.
Soak iriko in water for 30 minutes in a pot, put on the heat and add all the ingredients except konegi. Once the ingredients become soft, add miso, and sprinkle cut konegi on top.

Information provided by : NPOhojin kirishimasyokuikukenkyukai


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