Kasu Jiru


Perfect winter soup made with quality sake lees

Kasu Jiru

Yamagata, one of the top producers of sake rice wine, offers its special winter soup, Kasu Jiru. Daikon radish cut into quarter-rounds and uchimame (crushed and dried soybeans) are simmered in soup mixed with sake lees, and then salted salmon is added for the rich taste. With the soybeans soaking up the soup, the harmonious flavours of aromatic sake lees of Yamagata and rich salmon make this soup a perfect dish to warm your body from inside out on cold winter days. As the pronunciation of ‘kasu’ also means ‘to lend’ in Japanese, Kasu Jiru is considered to be a dish to bring good fortune, as people hope to be fortune enough to lend, rather than having to borrow.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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