Pickled Garlic


Large and dense garlic marinated in soy sauce and miso

Pickled Garlic

Aomori is a “garlic prefecture” of Japan, producing more garlic than any other prefectures in the country. Among others, Takko Town and Minami Tsugaru District are the two most famous areas of production. Aomori garlic is known for being large with a nice round shape, dense, and flavourful. It has traditionally been consumed by the local people, especially during the harsh winter, as it warms their body. The pickled garlic is made by peeling each of the cloves, soaking them in vinegar for a week, and then marinating them in soy sauce (mirin sweet cooking rice wine and chili can be added to taste) or in miso paste. It is good to eat them as they are, or also to slice them up to season stir-fry dishes.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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