Hagi Kamaboko


Yakinuki kamaboko of Yamaguchi with a springy texture and unique taste

Hagi Kamaboko

Hagi is the place where yakinuki kamaboko was born. “Yakinuki kamaboko” is made from fresh fish caught in the nearby seas. It used to be made with a special method, where salt is added to eso (lizardfish) meat without submersing it in water, crushed and placed on a pine board, then grilling the board side slowly with oak charcoal and turning it around and burning the surface with strong flame. This is why it is called ‘yakinuki’. The first grill makes the so-called ‘suwari’, and the next grill makes a kamaboko with a strong ‘ashi’. The procedure of grilling it thoroughly is of a special technique that can only be used by well trained craftsmen. The slight burn of the board brings additional aroma.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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