Iwana Burg


Special Recognition Award
Professional Product Section
0 Level Local Gourmet Grand Prix 2012

Iwana Burg

Iwana Burg is a local cuisine which was awarded the Special Recognition Award at the O level Local Gourmet Grand Prix 2012, a food competition where ingredients from Ozu, Ehime prefecture are used.
River fish farming is popular in the upper stream of Kabegawa river, one of the river systems or Hijikawa river. The iwana mountain trout raised in fresh clear water from the Shikoku mountains have no bad fishy smell. The springy texture is another characteristic of the fish and it is enjoyed as sashimi also. The iwana mountain trout is mixed with こんにゃくfrom Ozu and processed as a hamburg. The rich tomato sauce makes it enjoyable for all ages.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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