Stewed Kofu Chicken Gut


The shining surface made with exquisite flame and timing becomes the key.

Stewed Kofu Chicken Gut

Kofu Tori Motsuni (stewed Kofu chicken gut) is an original dish of Kofu with chicken gizzard, heart, liver, and kinkan (eggs before layed) stewed with sweet and salty soy sauce. It is said to be born around 1950 when an owner of a soba restaurant in Kofu city tried to make the use of the chicken guts that were thrown away. Normally the word “motsuni” is used for soup dishes that have been stewed for a long time. However, Kofu Tori Motsuni is stewed for only a short while using a small amount of soup over strong heat, which encloses the rich taste of the guts in the evaporated sauce. The shiny surface is also special. The local people are enthusiastic in revitalizing the city utilizing this Kofu Tori Motsuni.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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