Amago Chazuke


A local dish using sweetened and boiled amenouo (biwa trout) caught in the fresh rivers

Amago Chazuke

Soezawa onsen, a secluded hotspring spot in Okumikawa, is a perfect area for relaxing yourself with crisp air, music of birds, and sounds of the Soezawa stream, a tributary to Sakai river. Many river fish such as amago (red spotted masu trout) live in the clear waters of Sakai river. Amago chazuke – sweetened and softly boiled amago placed on top of rice with hot tea poured over it – is a traditional dish of this area. The rich texture and fresh flavor are the characteristics of this dish. The richness of the 出汁 from the amago is especially enjoyable when tasting this hot chazuke.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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