Miso Dengaku


Firm tofu glazed with savoury miso sauce, a traditional style of the dish

Miso Dengaku

Since the old times, it is customary in the region to eat tofu dengaku, miso-glazed and grilled tofu on special occasions. The traditional style of the dish is to add garlic to miso sauce for flavour. Tofu is cut into rectangles, put on skewers, grilled on fireplace, glazed with miso sauce, and grilled once again to be served steaming hot. Each family makes their own mix for the sauce, such as garlic, Chinese pepper, and ginger. Grated daikon radish is also a good accompaniment for Miso Dengaku, as it helps with digestion. Home-made tofu is the best, but store-bought firm tofu can also produce good results.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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