Sauce Yaki Udon


The Hatogaya’s specialty. The rich taste of the sauce and aroma will stimulate your stomach

Sauce Yaki Udon

Soy sauce taste Yaki Udon (Stir fry Udon) is the most popular one around Konto region, however Hatogaya’s new treand “Sauce Yaki Udon” using the sauce made in the local company of Hatogaya. This dish was developed as a part of revitalization project, with the great help of a cooperation with the sauce producing company in Hatogaya. When people in this project were tng to come up with the new local dish which can easily associates with Hatogaya, they have chosen Udon as a main product accompanying the Hatogaya sauce because Saitama prefecture produces lot of Udon and Udon will not interfere with the flavor of the Hatogaya sauce. The rich taste of the sauce will stimulate your appetite and this dish can be eaten as a main dish, as snack, and as something to nibble with beers.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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