Tendon / Rice Bowl with Tempra on top


The best match of Edomae Tempura fried with 100% sesame oil and the sweet-and-hot sauce

Tendon / Rice Bowl with Tempra on top

Although Tempura is a typical item in Japanese food culture, there are many local differences in the ingredients and the oil to fry. Sillaginoids, conger eels and Japanese tiger prawns from Edo Bay (now Tokyo Bay) were fried in 100% sesame oil and called Edomae Tempura, and became localized in areas around Tokyo Bay. Since sesame oil is expensive, it is pretty rare to see the real Edomae Tempura nowadays. In Asakusa area, however, Tendon with the real Edomae Tempura is still very popular among local people and tourists. The savory smell of sesame oil and sweet-and-hot sauce stimulates / sharpens your appetite.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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