Hatazakura Kappy Croquette


New sensation for a croquette with pink color and Shibazuke texture

Hatazakura Kappy Croquette

Shiki city has very rare kind of old cherry blossom and also has many old stories around Kappa (Japanese mythological creature). This colorful pink croquette has cherry blossom flower peddle inside of potato croquette reminding this rare cherry blossom (choshuin Hatazakura), and also has Shibazuke which comes from the story of Kappa (Shibazuke is a cucumber pickle and cucumber is the favorite food of this mythological creature called Kappa). Shiki city also developed local character called Kappy (Kappa + happy) and it is loved by local citizen. This is why kappy made it into the name of this new local specialty.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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