Tomato Yokan


A new local specialty of Hidakamura

Tomato Yokan

This is a kind of sweets invented by tomato farmers in Hidakamura village. Hidaka village women’s farming group is spreading this “tomato yokan” as a local flavor at events. Please try the sugar tomatoes also grown in Hidakamura.

Recipi of cuisin

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  • ripe tomatoes800g
  • kanten (agar)2
  • water400cc
  • sugar300g
  • saltlittle
Cut tomatoes in chunks and heat over medium heat until they are soft. Drain with a basket and remove seeds and skin.Ripe tomatoes are used in order to enhance the fragrance and taste of tomatoes.
Mix kanten with water and heat. Add sugar and tomato juice. Make the kanten liquid and tomato juice so they will make up 1000- 1100cc in total, heat over medium heat.Boil down until it becomes 900cc.
Pour into a mold or a cooking bat, cool and make it firm.

Information provided by : oishifudokochi

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