Kaisen Ryori


An abundant variety of seafood for a variety of culinary delights

Kaisen Ryori

When in Hokkaido, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the variety of fresh seafood that its ocean has to offer. From scallops and sea urchin to salmon, salmon roe and octopus, these gems of the ocean are served raw as sashimi and kaisendon, a bowl of rice topped with sashimi, or in a hot pot to bring you the best taste of the season. One of the most popular hot pots is miso-based Ishikari Nabe, which was originally made in fishing communities. A whole salmon, cabbage, potatoes and other ingredients are cooked in a pot of miso-based broth, and seasoned with sake lees and butter for a rich flavour. Kaisendon topped with plenty of fresh sea urchin, salmon roe and scallops is also a very popular local dish.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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