Kurobuta wazzeeka don


The only role is to use Kagoshima Kurobuta pork! There are as many kinds of dons as there are restaurants.

Kurobuta wazzeeka don

"Wazzeeka" meants "great" in Kagoshima dialect. "Kurobuta wazzeeka don" was developed by "The union of the same trades of food and beverage and hygene of Kagoshima Prefecture" to create a new local delicacy along with the opening of the Kyushu shinkansen "Tsubame" in 2004. The slogan for this campaign is "to use Kurobuta from Kagoshima Prefecture" and each restaurant tried to make its own unique dish. "Wazzeka don" could be arranged as long as it has Kurobuta in it, so there are as many kinds of Wazzeka dons as there are restaurants, and also as many surprising ideas too.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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