A rice cake only made in Ogawa area, Sagawamachi


The strain lees of soybeans when making tofu is called “okara”. It used to be called “kirazu” a long time ago. Back then people used to make tofu before the new year. Some households specialized in grinding soybeans, and each household brought 1 sho (1800cc) of soybean to have them grounded. People made mochi (cakes) out of the “okara” produced from making tofu, and ate them on new year’s day together with tofu.

Recipi of cuisin

for [:ja]80個分/[:en]Makes 80[:de]80個分/[:ru]80個分/[:es]80個分/[:fr]80個分/[:it]80個分/[:ko]80個分/[:th]80個分/[:zh]80個分/[:ch]80個分/[:] persons

  • okara (tofu refuse)1kg
  • glutinous rice1kg
  • salt30g
  • sugar500g
  • sweetened azuki beansenough for 80
  • roasted soy flourtekigi
Leave glutinous rice in water for a while. Drain water and steam.
Briefly steam okara separately from the rice.
Pound the steamed rice, add okara, salt and sugar, pound further and make mochi.Mugwort can be added when pounding the glutinous rice. Also millet powder can be sprayed to the rolled mochi.
Place the pounded mochi in a bowl. Put water on hands and tear off into small pieces. Roll with sweet beans inside, and put roasted soy flour outside.

Information provided by : oishifudokochi

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