The specialty which feels history in Tokyo which sails up an origin until an early stage in the Edo Period


Because there is various vegetables, I name for "Seven Gods of Good Luck". An origin dated back in the Edo Period early stage, and the Zuiken-Kawamura from which a name is learned about by marine transportation and a flood control project went out of Ise to Edo, took the vegetables which floated on a river with the young time and much floating straw boat or lantern at the end of Bon Festival I was working under up, mixed and pickled in salt. When that's sold to a construction person around here, it's very popular, and it's said that this was the origin of the business of zuiken. It's sliced vegetables pickled in soy sauce a teahouse with a field and Ikenohata devised seasoning liquid in cakes served with tea and a snack, and that this prototype was completed soon. It's learned about as a specialty in Edo as well as radish pickles.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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