The Goshima islands udon hot pot from hell


Enjoy your cooked udon noodles with raw egg or fish stock sauce

The Goshima islands udon hot pot from hell

The hand pulled udon noodles of the Goshima islands archipelago in Nagasaki are renowned. The noodles boiled in plenty of hot water can be enjoyed with a fish stock flavored with soy sauce. This is a local favorite. The naming comes from some local visitors exclaiming how deliciously sinful this dish was.

Recipi of cuisin

for 2 persons

  • Gojima hand pulled noodles2 portions
  • Drief flying fish stock400cc
  • Eggs2
  • Spring onionssmall amount
  • Soy saucesmall amount
Place plenty of water in a large pot. Bring to boil and add udon noodles.
Break raw egg into serving bowl and add spring onions, ginger and other seasonings according to preference. Mix well.
Take done noodles and dip in egg mixture before eating up!

Information provided by : Nagasaki Prefecture Agricultural Department

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