The side changed in summer and winter from spring


Winter was Japanese radish for the near increase, and there were "Japanese radish soba" and a custom that I take "leek soba" by leek in spring-summer and eat. I increase in the flavor of the soba and am eaten well by adding these. The area where Japanese radish soba is eaten in New Year's Eve.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

[ Japanese radish soba ]

  • soba350g
  • Japanese radish200〜300g

[ Japanese leek ]

  • soba350g
  • Japanese leek120g
I'll cut Japanese radish into about 10 cm of length, peel skin and take a like Sen projection line. (Or it's cut into thin strips.)
* Japanese leek soba
Buckwheat and leek are put in enough hot water and it's boiled in 2-3 minute same. I make it cold and give it to a basket for water. (Completion)
*Japanese radish soba
Hot water is boiled much, Japanese radish is put in first, and, 2-3 minutes, it's boiled and buckwheat flour is put in during it, with Japanese radish, 2-3 minutes, it's boiled, and makes it cold and gives it to a basket for water.

Information provided by : "A dish of the hometown I'd like to hand down to a child and my grandchild and, TOCHIGI" issue Tochigi-ken agriculture person conversazione

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