Nagano's local food from the day before the beginning of spring to an equinoctial week


It's made an anniversary of death of Mr. Buddha on February 15, but it's offered at a make family Buddhist altar on March 15 of January late in Iizunacho. "And, I shoulder, oh, pull" and children went to a Zen temple and amajo to have this. HAN TEN was turned over and the form was changed in the inside, and there were the twice, 3 times and the child who goes to have this and. It was one of the pleasure of the children.

Recipi of cuisin

for 3本分/ persons

  • Rice flour500g
  • Sugar50g
  • Salttablespoon 1/2
  • boiling water400cc
  • Peas (the one which soaked in water and boiled)a little.
  • Black sesamea little.
Rice flour, sugar and salt are put in a mixing bowl and it's often mixed, including boiling water, 5-6 minutes, it's often kneaded.
Fabric is shared with the size of the warble large, and even if I point at chopsticks, the degree which doesn't stick is even steamed by a steamer.
When I finish steaming, I pass and black sesame or boiled peas is put in and kneaded.
Of about 5 cm of diameter, it's stick-type, it's increased. (I make the shape with 2 of chopsticks like the shape of the sitting position of Mr. Buddha, cut it and eat. When becoming solid, I bake it and eat.)

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