Kaga dish


Please dish up the local food which devised blessed sea and mountain products in a beautiful container.

Kaga dish

From the food culture which was blessed with seafoods and mountain products also was introduced from a continent and every region of the country, physical distribution, they gather, you say that Kaga's food culture was made with "geographical advantage". When hearing "Kaga dish", I also have "luxurious dish of" Kaga Hyakumangoku a luxury image, but it's the taste of the democratic local food and the so-called mother originally. Devised local food was being trained as the luxurious capacity of the lacquer ware which did Kutani chinaware and lacquer work as an arrangement treat to eat the ingredients which could be passed locally well daily. You also undergo influence of the capital dish tasted by an eye and comment fusion of Edo dish and a capital dish.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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