Mitori Okowa


The steamed rice which was seeing, put in beans and cooked

Mitori Okowa

Beans are seeing and are one kind of sacrifice, and for a sheath to take only a fruit, without eating, I say "mitori". Steamed rice is made using mitori instead of adzuki beans at the prefecture north where the Usa area was made the center. It was easier to be different from adzuki beans in the flavor but make, and much could be harvested. Because it's dark, mitori is also made as a treat of a Buddhist ceremony, the first Bon and a summer festival in Usa-jingu.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Glutinous rice400g
  • Water360-400cc
  • Boiled mitori (30% of rice)120g
  • Salta little
  • Sugara little
  • Sesamea little
Mitori is investigated and it's put on the salt water of 3% one night.
I scour salt water of mitori and cook by new water. If I boil, it's boiled, water is thrown away and the hardness of about 7th minute is even cooked by new water.
I sharpen glutinous rice, add water of the quantity and boiling mitori and cook.
※ I hope that the dissolution I'd like to color adds cooking liquid of mitori.

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