Mixed stew of the chicken made with a cauldron


Dish of "Hare" in Hita area. Every house kept a chicken and was made certainly in New Year's and the time which deifies and is rejoicings and a customer before. It's also necessary to Okunchi. Soft-shelled turtle was put in before, so it's said that a name of GAME (turtle) boiling stuck.
It's a rule to use a chunk with a bone, and chicken also uses a foot of a chicken. After dishing up in a container, meat was taken on so that it might be seen as a chicken. I treat at present, for, any more, I didn't set foot of a chicken any more, but I'm also going up to people's daily dining table in Hita now.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Chicken500g
  • Taro potato200g
  • Konnyaku1 piece
  • Carrot1
  • Burdock2
  • Lotus root1
  • Dry shitake mushrooms10
  • Gingera little
  • Sugartablespoon 4
  • Saketablespoon 2
  • Soy sauce1/2 cups
  • Soup stock2 cups
  • Oiltablespoon 2
Carrot, lotus root and taro potato peel skin and cut into chunks. Burdock peels skin and is a rather big one, well, it's made a child, and, without lye.
Dry shitake mushroom is rehydrated for water. Konnyaku is shown into hot water and it's torn in bite size.
Chicken is gathered at the size of the vegetables and it's cut into bite size.
Oil is put in a pot and chicken and vegetables are fried. Soup stock is added and it's cooked on medium heat.
If the material became soft, sugar, soy sauce and liquor are added, and it's boiled until broth disappears. Just before taking it down from the fire, mincing of ginger is put in.

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