Hebo Meshi


The rich taste is superb!

Hebo Meshi

Hebo is the larva of local bees. Hebo mesh is rice mixed with local bee larvae that have been pulled out of beehives with tweezers. Hebo hives are found in July and August, during the grass-cutting season. Small entire hives are brought back in a box, left under the roof outside the house, and the larvae are taken out in September to simmer them in soy sauce and sugar.

Recipi of cuisin

  • rice9 cups
  • raw hebo (bee larvae)1 cup
  • soy sauce1 cup
  • sugaras needed
Simmer the hebo with seasonings until they boil down.
Cook rice as normal and add hebo just before it is completely cooked.
Keep heating until you hear a burning sound.

Information provided by : 岐阜県 農政部 農産物流通課


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