Namegata Don


Namegata city's original food with its local ingredients and 18 member stores

Namegata Don

This is a project City of Namekata which is located between two lakes, Kasumigaura and Kitaura, in Ibaraki is promoting. “Namegata Don” is their proud food that 18 member stores are exercising their ingenuity to make the most of the local vegetables from Namegata plateau and the seafood from Kasumigaura. For example, they deep fry or tempura catfishes, whitebaits, 川 shrimps and carps. Normally it is put on rice, but sometimes on ramen or a set menu. Since the member stores with wide variety of Namegata Don are dispersedly existing, it is worth comparing the tastes after some research of your own favorite menu.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


Regional fast food