Sejirochirimen zanmai don


Enjoy Sejirochirimen caught in Shibushiwan bay to the full in three different ways of cooking.

Sejirochirimen zanmai don

Sejirochirimen caught in Shibshiwan bay in Kagoshima Prefecture has a distinguishing appearance of white colored back as its name "sejiro (white colored back)" refers. "Sejiro" has less bitterness than "Seguro (black colored back)" and can be eaten row. "Sejirochiromen zanmai don" is invented by "Shibu Sejirochirimen Black Current unit" at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Shibushi. This is a don topped with Sejirochirimen cooked in three different flavors such as kamaage, kakiage and kimpira which have different flavors and textures, and this is a don for shirasu lovers. Dashi made with yuzukosho sets off the don as well.

Information provided by : gurutabi


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