Hechima (loofah) to soumen no misoshiru


A dish of summer with loofah.

Hechima (loofah) to soumen no misoshiru

In summer each house has green curtains made of loofah plants under the eaves. Loofa has been a staple summer vegetable in Kagoshima Prefecture since the old days. There are various dishes of loofah such as misoshiru, soumen jiru and stir-fried with miso. Loofah is also used in various ways - juice is used as skin lotion, and dried loofah is used as scrub sponges. "Hechima to soumen no misoshiru" is eaten as a dish to prevent summer fatigue, or is served as a shojinryori dish in bon.

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  • loofah1 middle size
  • soumen1-2 bundles of soumen
  • niboshi30g
  • miso60g
  • water800cc
  • myoga if preferred1
Soak niboshi in water for 30 minutes. Put on the heat, and simmer for 3 minutes after it comes to boil. Add miso. (Niboshi can be removed or stay in miso)
Peel loofah, cut into bite-size pieces, add to misoshiru and simmer until they get mushy.
Cook soumen, put in a bowl and pour misoshiru into the bowl. Sprinkle shredded myoga if preferred. (Soumen can be cooked directly in misoshiru.)

Information provided by : NPOhojin kirishimasyokuikukenkyukai

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