The dish which melted seaweed and strengthened


The seaweed to which I say "Ogo" is boiled and melted, and it had been settled and has been eaten as a dish from the past at Kunimi area.
The tide ebbs, and OGO is keeping after the stone which appeared, and it's also in everywhere, but when I make Kibu's person say, there is Ogo for Igisu only in several points in a coastline between Kibe and Kumage. When it can't be taken in the rainy season, it doesn't harden. Adopted Ogo dries, and preserves it. As a daily dish, a tray, New Year's and a Buddhist memorial service and, a visitor deifies and is eaten by various situations.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Ogo (The one which removed salt and made them dry)30g
  • Water1000cc
  • Vinegara little
  • A mixture of vinegar and fermented soy bean pastesuitable
Ogo which dried is soaked in water for about 30 minutes and it's returned.
It's squeezed, it's put in a pot, water and vinegar are added and it's boiled lightly. If boiling, I turn down the heat, and it's boiled until Ogo melts.
If Ogo melts, heat is turned off, and while being hot, it's exceeded in a close-grained basket.
3. is let run, it's poured into a box and it's put in. If you can get roughness heat, I cool by a refrigerator and strengthen.
5. If it hardens, I cut it into the size easy to eat and look pleasant to finish displaying it well. A mixture of vinegar and fermented soy bean paste will be added and completed.
※ There is a home where I'll make the one which availed itself of fermented soybean paste one night a dish of a box lunch, put sugar, make it sweet and take child's snack.

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