Tori Meshi


Oita-ken people, very, the loved taste

Tori Meshi

The one a fisherman made with pheasant and pigeon is called a first. The day when the past is clear sky and, well, it was made a tease (of a rice planting end, the god "Well." deified and by which it's a rice field) and the time when I had a guest.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Rice1measure
  • Chicken600g
  • Burdock500g
  • Sugarproper amount
  • Soy sauce200cc
  • Saketablespoon 2
It's burdock, well, it's made a child and it's exposed to water. Chicken is cut small and fat is separated.
Fat of a chicken is put in a pot, it's heated and chicken is fried. It's seasoned with sugar, soy sauce and liquor after drained burdock is added and often fried.
I ordinarily cook rice.
In cooked rice, 2. The topping which is so and NIJIRU are added and reheated.
The whole is mixed after it's steamed for about 5.15 minutes.

Information provided by : The local food which would like to leave it for young men


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