Kirishima shinwa bokke nabe


A kind of nabe invented by a local cook

Kirishima shinwa bokke nabe

A locally born special nabe from Kirishima City in Kagoshima Prefecture. "Bokke" means "bold" and "dynamic" in Kagoshima Prefecture, and it is usually associated with Takamori Saigo. Kirishima is also known as "Tensonkorin no chi (the land where God came down)" so this nabe has a word "shinwa (myth)" in it to represent the area. There are three different kinds of soups - rich pork miso flavored soup made with akamiso, mild flavored soup with soy milk, and light and delicate flavor of shoyu based soup - and nabe is cooked with plenty of local vegetables in a special shallow earthware pot. You can easily find restaurants with flags as a mark that serve Kirishima shinwa bokke nabe within the city.

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