Agodashi no Soba


Not known for the many, but good quality newly-harvested soba from Sado enjoyed with ago dashi.

Agodashi no Soba

Sado is a producer of rice and soba. Handmade soba noodles come in a country-style with blackish color, some are made with 100% soba flour and there are also soba noodles made with sobako and some binding agent with a smooth texture, and all of the soba noodles are very tasty. The best soba is the newly-harvested one in autumn. Dashi for the soba noodles is made with grilled and dried flying fish (ago) which are caught in the beginning of summer. Ago has a rich aroma and flavor since it is "grilled" compared to niboshi. "Osaki Soba no Kai" is an event which takes place every year in Hamochi Chiku Osaki, and there are quite many people who look forward to enjoying handmade soba noodles made with 100% sobako every year.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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