Bingo Fuchu Yaki


An amazing fusion of the taste that ooze out from minced meat and Carp sauce

Bingo Fuchu Yaki

Fuchu yaki is a locally established food of Fuchu city, Hiroshima. It is said to been born during the rapid economic growth period (1955-1970), and it is a dish differentiated from Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. Minced beef and pork with plenty of cabbage are its main ingredients, without putting any soy bean sprouts. Nowadays not only local people of Fuchu but people from other parts of Hiroshima as well as from Chugoku and Shikoku come all the way to try this dish. Around 40 restaurants serve Fuchuyaki in Fuchu city. It has a reasonable price, for about 500 yen for one piece. The people of Fuchu eat them on a daily basis.

Information provided by : gurutabi

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