Ankake Yomogi Udon


2 Stars Awarded
Professional Product Section
0 Level Local Gourmet Grand Prix 2012

Ankake Yomogi Udon

This is a dish that was awarded 2 stars in the Professional Product Section of the 0 Level Local Gourmet Grand Prix 2012, a competition where ingredients from Ozu, Ehime prefecture is used. A new Ozu dish was born with yomogi (mugwort) udon noodles, a dish enjoyed in Kami Ozu since long ago. Beautiful green noodles with mugwort from Ozu kneaded inside plays the main role, with seasonal vegetables to decorate the dish. The vegetables are all from Ozu also, and seasonal harvests such as whole taro, thick shiitake mushrooms, lotus roots and carrots are used. The soup has a light taste, so that the seasonal vegetables and mugwort can be enjoyed as its best. It is a simple yet rich dish where one can enjoy the flavors of Ozu.

Information provided by : gurutabi

Regional fast food