Typical cooked dish of Hokuriku area area


It's the dish which boiled adzuki beans and is eaten widely by the Hokuriku area area. It's said to be the etymology that it was "my nephew nephew" "gradually" from the thing which is being put in the pot eventually from the material for which it's difficult to be cooked. The topping material put in by an area is partial, but the one which made the Japanese radish, the potatoes and the burdock the center is general. Because the food offered at a god is grouped and boiled originally, it has started.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Japanese radish200g
  • Carrot100g
  • Taro potato150g
  • Burdock100g
  • Konnyaku1/2
  • Thin fried tofu130g
  • adzuki beans1 cup (dry) or 2 cups (boiled)
  • Water5 cup

[ Seasoning ]

  • Soy saucetablespoon 2
  • Saltteaspoon 1
Adzuki beans are boiled soft.
Thin fried tofu and konnyaku are blanched and it's cut into a throw.
Japanese radish, carrot, taro potato and burdock peel skin and cut it into a throw. After cutting burdock into a throw, it's exposed to water and harshness is removed.
Vegetables, thin fried tofu, konnyaku and water of the quantity are added to a pot and it's boiled soft.
If vegetables become soft, adzuki beans and A are added.

Information provided by : Etchu, Kingdom of the food


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