Ohyama okowa


Packed with the bounty of the mountains.

Ohyama okowa

Thick and juicy taste with rich aroma. Okowa (steamed rice with azuki beans) flavored with soy sauce and ingredients from the base of Mt. Ohyama is a traditional dish from western Tottori. There appears to be no set ingredients, and each household has its own variation, however some areas use wild plants, other vegetables and chikuwa. Its origins are said to date back long ago when priests heading for battle cooked rice with wild birds and plants as a prayer for victory. It has since been passed on as a special dish served at festivals and celebrations. It is also said to have become well known as a bento (lunch) for pilgrims to Ohyama, and served to people gathered from far and wide for the cow and horse market held at Ohyama temple in the Edo period.

Recipi of cuisin

for 10 persons

  • uncooked mochi rice1 sho (1.8l)
  • Noyaki chikuwa1
  • chicken thighs300g
  • carrots250g
  • burdock200g
  • medium dried shitake10

[ Flavoring ]

  • sugar3 tablespoons
  • usukuchi (light) soy sauce3 tablespoons
  • koikuchi (dark) soy sauce2 tablespoons
  • mirin75ml
  • sake100ml
  • salt1 teaspoon
  • dashi (from rehydrating shitake)500ml
Wash mochi rice a day before cooking, and soak in water overnight. Drain well in a colander one hour before cooking.
*If rice isn’t drained properly, it may affect the temperature when steaming
Put dried shitake in water to rehydrate.
Shave burdock diagonally, cut carrots in quarters lengthwise then slice across, cut chicken into bite size, and julienne shitake.
*For a lighter taste, blanch chicken first to remove some fat. This also hardens the surface making it easier to cut.
Add flavoring to ingredients and fry. Drain liquid off and keep.
Steam mochi rice. When cooked, transfer to a bowl and add liquid from④. Mix, then add other cooked ingredients.
*Cook rice for 30 minutes after steam starts to rise from the steamer.

Information provided by : 食のみやこ鳥取県 とりネット


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