The clean yellow rice by which a heart is cheered


It is called "Kimeshi" and "Ouhan". Boiled gunpowder is hung, and fillet of white fish of lizard fish, tofu and vegetables are eaten for the rice I colored with a dried gardenia fruit yellowly. A lord of the Usuki feudal clan which was an financial difficulty makes them make instead of rice boiled with red beans, and stood one eats personally, and is called by a vassal a first, too. I make much in the last day of the year, reboil in the first three days of the New year and eat. It's so good that it's reboiled.

Recipi of cuisin

for 5 persons

[ Ouhan ]

  • Rice3 cups
  • Water3-6 cup
  • Dried gardenia fruit2-3

[ Garnish ]

  • Tofu1/2
  • Burdock1
  • Japanese radish1
  • Carrot1
  • Leek2
  • Minced meat of a lizard fish or a lizard fish1 (in case of minced meat, about 200 grams)
  • Soup stock2 cups
  • Salad oiltablespoon 2
  • Koikuchi soy saucea little
  • Awakuchi soy saucetablespoon 1
  • Sweet rice cooking winetablespoon 1/2
  • Saketablespoon 2
Rice is sharpened and given to a basket.
Dried gardenia fruit is broken to a food processor. A broken gardenia is put in water and the color is taken out.
Cook the rice.
※ Just before cooking soup of a gardenia, it's put in. When it's put one night, the color I finish cooking becomes bad.
Put the cut burdock of the garnish into the water. Also cut carrot, Japanese radish, and leek.
Destruction heats oil in a pot and puts in and fries drained tofu by hand.
As well as the order of the minced meat of lizard fish, the burdock, the Japanese radish, the carrot and the leek, it's fried.
Soup stock is added, it's boiled and the taste is arranged by the seasoning. Before turning off heat, the leek cut into 1cm will be added and completed.

Information provided by : The local food which would like to leave it for young men


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