Raw Konjak cuisines


Gunma prefecture is the number 1 producer of Konjak in Japan

Raw Konjak cuisines

There are may cuisines made with grated raw Konjak in this region. Normally Konjak is turned into power form first, but, these dishes are made from grated raw Konjak. In this way, the elasticity and flavors of the Konjak are preserved. Gunma prefecture has a ideal heights and landscape for the cultivation of the Konjak and produces 90% of total Konjak production in Japan. Being the No.1 producer of Konjak, Gunma offers various ways of eating Konjak such as Oden, Sashimi (raw), Nimono (stewed) and Nabe (hot pot) and Gunma is also developing a new cuisines using Konjak. Recently, Konjak is gaining a widely popularity as a low calorie food and a food for beautify.

Recipi of cuisin

for 10 persons

  • Konjak Potato400g
  • Lukewarm water1,400cc
  • Sodium carbonate10g (or hydrated lime 2g)
Wash the Konjak potato well with a blush, remove roots and red shoot. Peel.
Cut the Konjak potatoes into pieces and boil for 1 and 1/2 hours until soften.
Put boiled Konjak potatoes and 1,300cc lukewarm water into a blender and mix it. You might need to do this 3 or 4 separate times if the blender is small. Let it sit for 30minutes.
Let sodium carbonate dissolve in 100cc water and this makes a coagulating agent.
Mix “3” well and add a coagulating agent and quickly mix them. Now it should be glue like substance.
Pour the mix into a mold. Wet hands and let the surface of mix flat by tapping the surface.
7. After the mix being harden, cut into smaller pieces and boil.

Information provided by : 100 choice of local dishes from farming villages to fishing villages

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