Soy Sauce Beans


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Soy Sauce Beans

Broad beans are grown for an amount that will last for the whole year in all farm households as substitute for rice. It is an essential food for the Sanuki area for farm related events, for serving to local gods, and for events such as idezarai. Especially during the busy farming season, soy sauce beans were cooked in all households for regular use. The natural sweetness of the beans were utilized instead of using sugar or mirin. Nowadays it is still loved by many people as a side dish that goes with rice or sake.

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  • dried broad beans1 cup

[ A ]

  • sugar3-5osaji
  • soy sauce1/2 cup
  • water1 cup and a little
  • red chili2
Fry broad beans slowly in a earthenware pan (or frying pan) over low heat until they are fully roasted.
Mix the seasonings (A). Remove seeds from the chili, slice, add them to A and bring to boil. Add the beans (1) while it is hot.
Leave for overnight. Sometimes turn the beans over and let them absorb the taste (the beans will become soft quicker by bringing them to boil in the seasonings). There is also a method where roasted beans are left in water for 2 to 3 hours before adding them in seasonings, which will make them softer (in this case the water to mix with the seasonings will be around 1/2 cup).

Information provided by : kagawaken nouseisuisanbu nougyokeieika

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