Mamba no Kenchan


A standard side dish for winter

Mamba no Kenchan

Mamba is a kind of leaf mustard. It grows large dark purple leaves during winter when not many colored vegetables are around. Even when the outer leaves are taken away, new leaves grow one after another. For this reason, it has various names such as mamba, semba, hyakkan, and in the Seisan area it is called ‘hyakka’, a variation of hyakkan. In Tosan area it is called ‘mamba’. The name Kenchan comes from kenchin, a shippoku dish where thinly cut vegetables and tofu are fried together.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • mamba leaves8 large mamba leaves
  • vegetable oilosaji1
  • dashi2/3 cup
  • small dried sardineslittle
  • deep fried tofu
  • soy sauceosaji2.5
  • tofu1/2
Boil the mamba leaves in hot water and wash well with cold water. Dry well and cut into 1.5cm.
Remove water briefly from the tofu. Cut deep fried tofu into fine strips.
Heat vegetable oil in a pan. Add dried sardines and fry until they bring a good aroma. Add the mamba leaves and fry together.
Add tofu (2) and deep fried tofu. Use a wooden spatula to slightly break the tofu when frying them.
Add dashi and seasonings and boil for a while.

Information provided by : kagawaken nouseisuisanbu nougyokeieika

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