Kencho Jiru


A soup that fills you up! A rich shoujinryori that vegetarians also love

Kencho Jiru

“Kencho Jiru” is a clear soup from Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is said “Kencho Jiru” is the origin of “Kenchin Jiru.” The soup was originally called “Kenchoji Jiru” which was cooked by ascetic monks at Kenchoji Temple, and later called “Kenchin Jiru.” Kencho Jiru is a traditional shojinryori which has been passed down for 700 years, and uses only vegetables. Dashi is made with kobu and shiitake mushrooms, and vegetables such as daikon, carrots, tofu, and konnyaku are pan-fried with sesame oil and simmered in dashi. It used to be a dish for celebrations, but it has become a popular dish that you can find at the local restaurants.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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