Hinai Jidori Oyako-don


Savory taste of chicken and rich eggs. Oyako, which literally translates as “parent and child”, is a reference to the exquisite combination of chicken and eggs over a fresh bowl of rice.

Hinai Jidori Oyako-don

Hinai Jidori is one of the three most famous chicken breeds in Japan, along with Satsuma Jidori and Nagoya Cochin. The chickens for Hinai Jidori Oyako-don are all free-range, and are known for the high quality meat. The thick, juicy meat of Hinai Jidori is quickly stir-fried to trap the flavour inside. The eggs of Hinai Jidori are cooked very softly, and hold the flavour of the meat to top the rice. The meat and eggs of Hinai Jidori are both tasty, but the taste multiplies when they are cooked together. Hinai Jidori Oyako-don is a perfect example of the combination – it is a dish that tickles all your five senses.

Information provided by : Gurutabi


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