Pure white noodles representing the beauty of swans and snow.


The local delicacy of healthy and tasty dish made with noodles and soy milk from Agano City. The moist and chewy noodles are made of lots of rice powder from Agano City, and soybean milk is also a local product of Agano City. This novel and healthy dish which brings up the image of the swans flying into the Hyouko Lake in the city is very popular dish for not only the locals but lots of tourists from outside of Niigata Prefecture also come to enjoy it. Each restaurant has its own recipe and twist for the soup, and other than the standard flavor with miso, there are various flavors such as soup with pasta, white curry flavored, and mabo-tofu flavored. There are also various toppings like chicken dumplings and tempura.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

Regional fast food