One piece which represents a lucky Ryukyu dish as "YORO seaweed"


The Okinawa dish which fries seaweed and pork. It's also the dish for which the back seaweed to which the soup stock was passed can be used effectively. How to make prefers seaweed, pork, konnyaku and boiled fish paste to salt and soy sauce, and adds and fries sugar a little. A lot of nutrition is left in the seaweed to which the soup stock was passed, and it's said that the alginic acid of a dietary fiber has the effect on prevention of high blood pressure, a decline of the cholesterol level and intestinal regulation in particular. The taste the charm of the seaweed and the pork melts together, and which has the good body. It's a lucky dish as "YORO seaweed" and is also necessary to a congratulatory seat. It's one you're enjoying as home cooking from the past.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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