Fukuroijuku Fluffy Egg


The oldest egg dish in Japan

Fukuroijuku Fluffy Egg

While the name is peculiar, it is in fact a true egg dish originating in the Edo Period, making it the oldest egg dish in Japan and the starting point of the wide range of egg dishes currently made. In 1813 wealthy Osaka merchant Masuya Heiemon wrote that it was served for breakfast at Fukuroijuku Ota Honjin in his Sendai Geko Diary, and it was also on the Shugunate’s party menu. It also made an appearance during a meal at a tea house in Yaji and Kita’s ‘Tokaido dochu hiza kurige’ story, and it was said to be a favorite dish of Shinsengumi’s Isami Kondo. Consisting simply of eggs and dashi stock, it requires skill to create a fluffy texture. It is said that the soft texture set it apart from any egg dishes before it.

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