A delicacy of seafood and mountain food by an old restaurant passed down for generations since the Edo Period.


Udonsuki is the representative dish of an old restaurant 「耳卯楼」 which has a long history of 200 years in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, and name of the restaurant was changed to "Mimiu" from 「耳卯楼」by then master, Heitaro, in 1924. The preparation of the soup of the noodles starts with shaving katsuobushi which takes for 2 hours every day. All the ingredients are selected by the quality and the place of the production, and it has never been cooked without any compromise. The ingredients have been carefully selected by repeatedly examining the flavor, and Udonsuki is cooked with a lot of seafood and the mountain food. The dashi for the soup is nothing more than the masterpiece of the chefs of an old restaurant, and it is needless to say how delicious it is.

Information provided by : ぐるたび

Local cuisine