It can be made readily and it's also substantial! The dear taste made with each household at Gunma


"Yakimochi" is also called "baking", and it's rich in wheat and is a snack of produced Gunma-ken tradition. Flour, fermented soybean paste and cut vegetables are put in, baked and eaten. Leek, perilla and butterbur sprout generally put in seasonal vegetables, round flatly and bake it by an earthenware pan. Fabric, a topping, how to make and a nickname also depend on an area and a house a little, and there is "jealousy" of the various taste at various parts of the prefecture. Between farming, it can be made readily as "In KOJU, oh." (the meaning of "small size" + "lunch" and the eating between meals), and substantial "jealousy" is eating in cakes served with tea and a snack and is enjoying even now.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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