Morioka Reimen


One of Morioka’s “three great noodles”, along with Wanko Soba and JaJa Men, using uniquely chewy noodles

Morioka Reimen

The semi-translucent reimen noodles, made from wheat flour and starch, have a uniquely chewy texture. They are served in a refreshing, yet rich chilled soup made with beef and chicken stock. Korean kimchi is a perfect topping for reimen. It is indeed originally from Korea, and has been developed into Morioka’s original style since it was first served at a yakiniku beef barbecue restaurant in the city in 1950’s. In the following decades, a number of new restaurants opened to serve the new specialty. Today, you can find Morioka Reimen at restaurants across Japan.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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