Takeoka Style Ramen


You will be surprised the amount of roasted pork fillet are laid on the top, with tasty soap made with onion and water which noodles are cooked in.

Takeoka Style Ramen

Takeoka Ramen comes from Takeoka port in Futtsu city, Chiba prefecture. This Ramen is made in an unique style. They don’t prepare separate soup for this noodle, in stead, they add special soy sauce which roasted pork fillet is cooked and hot water which noodles are cooked in as a soup. Slice onion is also added as a condiment. Dried noodles are cooked over the Shichirin (a portable clay cooking stove) with charcoal in stead of fresh noodles like other Ramen. The biggest surprised is how many roasted pork fillet are served on the top. 10 slices of fillets are served over. Though it is a simple Ramen, however, how tasty the special soy sauce that pork are cooked and how strong the charcoal fire are made, these things determine the taste of this noodles that people are in love with. It is also interesting to see how different shops has different ways of making this Ramen.

Information provided by : Gurutabi

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