The event food which celebrates profit in autumn


Profit in autumn is celebrated as "INOKO festival" on a day in the first hour of the Boar in lunar calendar October. The one young in the hour of the Boar in autumn were the day when God in the hour of the Boar finishes farming, returns and comes, and which covered a plain rice cake with bean jam of adzuki beans, (child rice cake in the hour of the Boar), there are 12 customs that a measure of 13 is put in trout in a leap year in a common year.

Recipi of cuisin

  • Rice4cup
  • Glutinous rice2cup
  • Taro potato500g
  • Saltteaspoon 2

[ Bean jam of adzuki beans ]

  • adzuki beans400g
  • Sugar500g
  • Saltteaspoon 1
The water which is soakingly in Shozu is added, and it's boiled, sugar and salt are put in, it's boiled down and jam of grain bean is made until it becomes soft.
Rice and glutinous rice are washed and it's put for about 30 minutes.
Taro potato peels skin and cuts it small, and it's blanched quickly to skim it.
I add salt to(2) and(3) and cook rather strong rice little together.
While being hot, I often ruin by a wooden pestle and make flat rice cake roundly.
(5) is wrapped in bean jam of adzuki beans.

Information provided by : Wakayama-ken Marine Products Division of agriculture and forestry Agricultural production bureau The fruit gardening department


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