A preserved food of yuzu peels simmered in a sweet and salty seasoning.


Yuzu is a local product of Tokushima, and yubeshi is yuzu peels cooked with sugar and soy sauce. Some yubeshi is made with sundried yuzu peels. Yubeshi from Tokushima is different from the confectionary ones from Kyoto or Ehime, and it is served as a side dish for ochaduke or for sake.

Recipi of cuisin

  • fresh yuzu peels (about 2 yuzu)50g dried yuzu peels or 200g
  • white sugar50g
  • koikuchi soy sauce40g
  • salt2g
  • mizuame15g
  • mirin15g
  • umamichoumiryou1g
  • red chilias needed
  • water200g
Soak dried yuzu peels in water, and hydrate. If using fresh yuzu peels, peel and chop it into thin slices.
Put the peels and water in a pan, and heat to boil. Change water, and boil again.
Repeat 2 for 3 times, add the seasonings, and simmer over low heat. Stir it once in a while, and cook until it becomes thick.

Information provided by : とくしまの郷土料理

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