Energising dish of boiled vegetables served in a dashi broth


Hiya-jiru is a traditional vegetable dish in Yonezawa area of Yamagata Prefecture which dates back to the 16th century, when Kenshin Uesugi, one of the most powerful lords during that era, had it cooked on a special occasion before he set out for a battle. Despite its name (something-jiru means soup), it is a dish made with plenty of boiled seasonal vegetables served in a fish or shellfish broth. Today, it is served as a daily dish, and is prepared commonly with kukitachi green leaves (a family of Japanese mustard spinach), spinach, and Chinese cabbage. Yukina green leaves are often used in winter months. Yukina, also known as kabunoto or nagaokana, is once harvested at the beginning of winter, then wrapped and preserved in rice straw under the snow. Kenshin Uesugi is said to have been the one who suggested to add this winter vegetable to hiya-jiru for its crisp texture and pungent flavour.

Recipi of cuisin

for 4 persons

  • Spinach200g
  • Dried shiitake mushrooms3
  • Deep-fried tofu2
  • Freeze-dried tofu2
  • Freeze-dried konjac50g
  • Carrot20g
  • Mashed and dried soy beans30g
  • Dashi brot2 cups
  • Soy sauce4 tablespoons
  • Sugar1 tablespoon
  • Sake rice wine1 tablespoon
Rehydrate the shiitake mushrooms and freeze-dried tofu.
Make a broth using niboshi dried sardine or bonito flakes. Shellfish broth is recommended for special occasions. Add the soy sauce, sugar and sake.
Boil the spinach, cut them into 3cm pieces, and make sure to drain them well.
Cut the mushrooms, deep-fried tofu and carrots into thin strips. Add them, along with the rehydrated tofu, konjac and soy beans, to the broth and cook.
Put the spinach in a bowl, and pour the soup when it gets cool.

Information provided by : Yamagata cuisine recipe book Yamagata Kyodo Ryori Tanbo


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